Purchase an Insurance Agency That Will Maximize Your Revenue & Success

 We will help you navigate the exchanges of information, negotiations, regulations, and contracts that are involved with a purchase. We work with top preferred lenders that specialize in agency financing.

Customer Satisfaction At It’s Best

Ron Smith


Greg & his Team are the best. I would not have had the success we had without them. Thanks

Consultative Insurance Group | consultativeinsurance.com

Kindra Smith


I can not give enough positive feedback for Greg and his team, including the CPAs with NicholsCauley. Their personal service delivered with professional experience and guidance is simply priceless. I would advise any individual considering selling their business to go through this process with Insurance Merger Specialists--at the very least, you will be a better business owner as a result of the experience; at the very best, you are in the best possible financial situation.

Consultative Insurance Group | consultativeinsurance.com

Harry Insley


Greg Hicks and his team were top notch from the beginning to the end of our merger. They positioned us for success every step of the way. Their expertise and knowledge was spot on.

Insley Insurance | insleyinsurance.com

Matt McClure


IMS, LLC was wonderful to work with. Timely, professional and easy. They will assist you every step of the way.

McClure Insurance Group | mcclureinsurancegroup.com

Karl Woods


These folks kept our best interest at the fore front of negotiations and delivered on every promise, great outcome and excited to partner up with Acrisure going forward. Thanks to Greg Hicks and his entire team !

Woods Agency Inc

David Perry


Outstanding Professional Service with a great team support. They provided me direction and assisted me with many decessions needed in the pricess of a M&A. I would recommend Greg and his team to anyone needing a professional team.

Perry Insurance Group | perryinsgroup.com

Joe DeFinis


Incredibly great at what IMS does, they are honest and hard working!

The DeFinis Agency | definisagency.com

Greg Masters


Greg and his team are Terrific!! They made a complex transaction easy. I would highly recommend them.

Masters Insurance Group | mastersinsurance247.com

John Lee


Really enjoyed working with Eryk Johnson and Greg Hicks as well as Charles Thompson they all assisted me through a long and complicated process.

John C Lee Insurance Group | johncleeins.com

Greg Houston


I had a great experience working with IMS. They represented me in a professional manner and looked out for my best interest. I would recommend them to anyone!

Greg Houston Insurance Inc | greghoustoninsurance.com

Dan Vincent


Simply amazing. This was something new for us but Greg, Eryk, and the entire Team helped us better understand the processes and tactical implementations to satisfy (and exceed) the buyers expectations. We would have been lost and totally at the mercy of the buyer without their help. The end product was worth waiting for and we most emphatically recommend IMS.

Med-Care Senior Insurance Solutions | med-careaz.com

Ladd Bratcher


Greg and Amanda Hicks have assembled a team of professionals with a turnkey process. They walk you through the complicated details of the purchase or sell of an agency. I have endorsed Insurance Merger Specialists , LLC for my network of agencies. I highly recommend you give them a call.

Insurancemartinc.com | msinsalliance.com

Steve Kauger


My agency may not be the biggest, but when it came to selling, I was not sure how to handle it. Greg and Amanda made the process very simple for me. Their partner accountants helped me with getting my financials in order and helped with the allocation of assets for my tax benefit. I had spoken with another broker in the past, but when I spoke with Greg, I knew he was going to be able to help me. In fact, I still speak with him today and refer anyone I know to Insurance Merger Specialists.

Kauger Insurance 

John Smyre


From the very first inquiry for information on the asset to the finance and eventual closing, Greg and Amanda were there to assist and help facilitate a very complex transaction with confidence. This purchase has helped elevate our business model to the next level and has helped make future acquisitions possible.

We hope to use Insurance Merger Specialists services again in the future and highly recommend their services.


Jeff Hair

President & Commercial Producer

I'm not sure how anyone can buy or sell an agency without having people like Greg, Amanda and Jeff involved.

Buying or selling an agency of any size is very complex.  Greg and Amanda made the process as painless as possible.  Their in depth knowledge and experience of the insurance agency business model greatly helped both myself and the Seller. I won't do another deal without these guys.


Michael Glick


Beyond 5 star firm! I have worked with Greg and Amanda Hicks for the last 13 months during the sale of my business.

They are absolutely the best in the business! I highly recommend using this firm, if you are looking to sell your business.


Saundra K. Carney

President, Agent, and Owner Licensed in: NC, SC, GA, VA, TN, TX

Greg and Amanda Hicks, the owners of this company, are great folks to work with if you’re interested in merging your agency with another company...They all worked with me through the entire process. I really could not imagine any other company being better then these folks.


C. Merediethe (Mert) Adams Jr.


Greg and his team guide you through the difficult maze of selling your agency. I couldn’t be happier with the job they have done!

Adams Insurance Agency

Ron Parks


Greg and his team are true professionals in every way.  If you're a seller, you owe it to yourself to talk to them!!

Parks Insurance Group

Clark Farley


Many times people or services don't live up to the hype. Greg Hicks is an exception. I thought I knew what I was doing in selling my agency. I've been an agent for 46 years. I soon found out I know about selling insurance but I knew nothing about selling an agency. Without Greg, I would have been eaten alive. Don't even talk to anybody about selling till you talk to Greg.

Clark Farley Insurance Agency, Inc.

Jamie Santo

Agency Principal

From our initial conversations through the entire due diligence period, Greg was direct and truthful and set reasonable expectations about the process. I am grateful that I had IMS by my side as a business partner, the process was so smooth, efficient and profitable. Thank you again for all the guidance and support, Greg is a professional at how he approaches the entire process and I am thankful for working with him.

Santo Insurance

Gary Blaustein

Agent Broker

Insurance Merger Specialists clarified my vision for future growth of my Insurance Agency. Greg's team spent endless time with me to make the process fluid and transparent. The team at IMS is extremely professional, informed and insightful. Insurance Merger Specialists operates at a World Class Level and I would strongly recommend partnering with them.

Gary Blaustein Associates

Tony L. Johnson


Extremely professional dedicated and hard working folks who sincerely seek out the best fit and opportunity for your business. They have worked will [sic] with us and provided valuable counsel.

Tony L. Johnson Insurance Agency

Kelly Bonanni

Assistant Manager

Greg and his team are the best in the business!!! If you are thinking about selling your agency you need to call Insurance Merger Specialist. Greg and his team are professional, honest, hard working, and treat you like family. I would like to give a special thanks to Eryk for all his guidance and help with each step of the process. You guys are rock stars!!!

Mountain Pacific Insurance

Rod Walthers

Principal Agent/CEO

Simply put, Greg and his team are amazing! Over the years I've completed several small acquisitions on my own, however when it came time for selling my agency, it became a completely different ballgame. Through his team's efforts, we were able to restructure our expenses, and improve our overall financial performance. These efforts led to receiving much higher offers than if I would have would have tried to sell it myself.
Thanks again Greg, you're the BEST!

Mountain Pacific Insurance

John Ferullo

Principal Agent

Insurance Merger Specialists team was great to work with. I would recommend them to any one considering selling their agencies.

Ferullo Insurance Agencies

Jason White


Greg and his team were great to work with and never disappointed. Greg, Shylee and others answered any questions I had or got the answers quick. I wouldn't use any other group.

The Jason White Insurance Agency

Franck Fargo


They spent more time with me then anyone they had ever worked with! They have a Great Team and special thanks to Shylee. Their devotion to us and persistency was unmatched. Call them they are worth every penny.

Fargo Insurance Group

Lisa Fargo

Principal Agent

Greg, Amanda, Eryk and Shylee were great to work with and we could have not done it without this team. RECCOMMENDED HIGHLY!

Fargo Insurance Group

Victor DeVito

Agency Owner

After 35 years an incredibly hard decision and process was made a lot easier! From start to finish a tremendous thorough job... I was never uninformed, provided many options and my "hand was held" through the entire transaction. I can't say enough about the team and the process. Highly recommend!

Victor F Devito Insurance Agency

We will help you navigate the exchanges of information, negotiations, regulations, and contracts that are involved with an agency purchase.

There are many factors to consider before you buy an insurance agency since purchasing is a significant investment of time, energy, and funds. Choose the right agency and you will set yourself up for the financial success, freedom, and flexibility. However, choosing the wrong agency that is not a good fit for you, you could be facing years of frustration, heartache and debt.

Insurance Merger Specialists alleviates these stresses for you.

See How We

Facilitate Your Deal

We understand insurance, your motivation for acquistions, & how to ensure your success.

Grow Through Acquisition

Pick up a new
carrier or carriers

Achieve or increase
contingency income

Easily grow into
new regions

Ward off larger agencies
coming into your region

Increase your
agency footprint

Pick up quality
employees & producers

Grow Through Acquisition

Pick up a new carriers, add premium with mutual carriers, grow into new locations, pick up quality employees and producers, & ward off larger agencies entering your region all in one swift move.

How We Help Buyers

Your Deal

Our upfront data collecting, compiling into format help gives peace of mind that you are making the right decision on purchasing.

Upfront work and complete pitchbook gives a detailed summary of the agency you are considering purchasing. This upfront work saves time and helps to move through the due diligence phase of purchase.


We help put your complete loan package together which ensures compliance to lenders guidelines. The financing can be the most difficult part of closing an M & A transaction. Our understanding of the loan programs and guidelines helps to ensure you receive the best rate, terms, and fee structure for your acquisition.

M & A Trained

The key to making the deal go smooth in lending transactions is to get your financial information formatted in a fashion the banks require it to be in.

Our M & A Accountant partners are the best in the business. We work together as a team for both buyer and seller in making sure the transaction obtains maximum value and lender approval. Our deals typically close in half the time with less issues and stress than our competitors. The accountant fees are part of IMS consulting fee.


Due diligence is an important process to verify the information provided by the sellers. We supply a standardized due diligence check list for guidance.

Closings &

We work closely with attorneys to close the transaction according to the contract requirements, handle the escrows and closing funds in accordance of the contract. It is always a good idea and recommended to have buyer and seller’s personal attorney and CPA to review contracts prior to signing.

Now is the time to make a move

Today’s environment of growing through acquisition has been created through the ease of access of capital and low interest rates. This environment will not last forever as interest rates increase over time valuations will drop and fewer buyers will exist. This market has created a perfect storm for obtaining the highest multiple for your agency.